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Our in-house trainers have been working with BABOR products for more than 30 years combined, so we asked them to share their favourite pearls of wisdom for making sure your skin always looks its best.

1. Enhance your cleansing foam...

For an even more effective cleansing lather, add a little BABOR Enzyme Cleanser to BABOR Mild Cleansing Foam to create a cleansing experience you'll love. The two cleansers combined create a deep cleansing foam to refresh and revitalise your skin.

2. Make sure you peel twice a week...

As we age, skin regeneration slows down, meaning it takes the body longer to shed old skin cells and produce new ones. Cleansing and moisturising alone is good but can be even better. Exfoliation is recommended once or twice a week, in order to remove the dead skin cells and more importantly, to ensure that the circulation is stimulated so that your skincare products can penetrate deep and have an even better effect. BABOR Mild Peeling is a gentle yet effective facial exfoliator that removes dead skin and superficial skin cells leaving the skin smooth and supple.

3. Remember that HY-ÖL® is also the ultimate eye make-up remover...

HY-ÖL® is part of BABOR’s unique two-phase cleansing system but can also be used as a fantastic eye make-up remover. Apply the HY-ÖL® to a cotton pad and remove stubborn mascara and eye make-up with ease before continuing with your cleansing routine.

4. Keep your eyecare products refrigerated...

Eye care is an essential part of any skincare routine and eye cream should be applied gently to the eye area before your face cream. For those of you who suffer from tired puffy eyes, place your e BABOR eye product in the fridge for an extra cooling and soothing effect. This top tip works particularly well with the DERMA CELLUAR Ultimate Perfecting Eye Cream as this product contains a stainless steel roller ball that gets especially cool.

5. Use your eye pads when relaxing in the bath or at bedtime...

BABOR Refreshing Eye Pads are just great for puffiness, laughter lines, dark circles and crows feet. For a 10-minute quick fix prior to a special occassion, add the eye pads while you're soaking in the bath or styling your hair.

6. The neck is the biggest revealer of age so start looking after it early...

Most people with a good skincare regime know the importance of cleansing, exfoliating, nourishing with masks and moisturising. Despite this, you'd be amazed at how many of these people forget the importance of the neck and décolleté. Research proves that this is the area that gives away most people's age as it's impossible to perform plastic surgery on as the skin is so thin. When applying your face cream make sure to finish over the neck and décolleté for a smooth and firm appearance that will last.

7. Don't forget the body too... (especially the hands)

It is vital that we look after our bodies. SHAPING FOR BODY is a body care series which can be used to firm and tone the skin. The trick is to be consistent. Apply products from the SHAPING FOR BODY range morning and night for results you will both see and feel. Your hands are constantly on display and uncovered and  therefore need some extra attention! BABOR's Repair Hand Cream can be used as an all day hand moisturiser but for those of us that want an extra boost of intensive nourishment, apply in the evening for a regenerative hand care overnight treatment.

8. The most important product to make your skin look brighter, flawless and up to 12 years younger?

Pigmentation, not wrinkles should be your biggest skin concern as recent research proves that brownish patches on face skin are even more ageing than wrinkles. DOCTOR BABOR WHITENING CELLULAR contains an innovative Melanoxyl Complex that tackles melanin production at two levels simultaneously, visually brightening the skin and reducing hyperpigmentations.

9. Get clever with Vitamin C

Ultimate Vitamin C Booster Concentrate is an effective concentrate that contains 20% pure vitamin C derivative. Vitamin C has been shown to have a protective effect against UV damage, supports the skins natural collagen production and lends the complexion a more even and beautifully radiant  appearance.

10. Don't accept that cellulite can't be overocme...

Many of us suffer from cellulite;  those little lumps that make us cringe when we look in the mirror. DOCTOR BABOR BODY CELLULAR Ultimate 3D Cellulite Lotion is a highly effective lotion with three-dimensional effects on skin tissue to improve the appearance of cellulite. This lotion works best in the morning and evening after a bath but for really great results use just before or after exercise. The reason being is that fat cells respond better to the fat-releasing stimuli of the cellulite lotion when exposed to adrenaline which is secreted when you exercise.


Keep an eye open for more great tips and secrets to get the most out of your BABOR products.














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