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The original BABOR Method

Consistently effective professional treatments for over 50 years

BABOR skin aestheticians are trained to understand skin and use the highest quality natural ingredients to improve how it looks and feels. The treatment methodologies have evolved over decades, being constantly improved and updated, and the foundation of each quality treatment is the unique BABOR treatment method - clearly defined as a global standard.

Wherever you experience a BABOR treatment you can rely on the the same high quality treatment being delivered by an aesthetician trained to understand what your skin needs.  No wonder skincare professionals refer to BABOR as 'the thinking therapists' choice.

Using the BABOR method, each treatment becomes a special experience for the client and creates the basic prerequisites for achieving the best possible results on the skin. Professional application of the products during a treatment by the BABOR skin experts is the only way to achieve the full effects – effects that can be both seen and felt.


The BABOR treatment sequence

Step 1: Cleansing
Intensive cleansing is the prerequisite for perfect beauty care. It is the basis for a beautifully radiant and youthful-looking complexion – because skincare products can only develop their full effect if skin is perfectly cleansed.


Step 2: Professional skin consultation
A visit to a BABOR spa is both an experience and effective. You can take a deep breath, let yourself go and restore your energy levels here; and you can also experience how highly effective active ingredients and precisely tailored treatment techniques can give your skin a new lease on life.
The beauty program is tailored to suit your individual needs. The BABOR esthetician will take your skin's requirements into account and will be on hand to offer you helpful advice.


Step 3: Activating the skin & the BABOR vitality check
The skin is activated through the use of a highly intensive preparatory mask, unique to BABOR, which is applied after cleansing the skin. It allows the skin to best absorb the care products and their active ingredients that are subsequently applied. The BABOR vitality check supports the skin analysis and helps to identify vital and less vital areas of the skin quickly and unmistakably and to make them clearly visible.


Step 4: BABOR compress technique
The BABOR compress technique alternates between warm and cool! Each BABOR cleansing, mask and peeling is carried out with warm compresses and is completed with cool compresses, which are applied using the special BABOR method.
The BABOR rolling technique is combined with the stimulation of pressure points to have a calming and relaxing effect on the skin.


Step 5: BABOR FLUID FP treatment
The BABOR philosophy states that nature has a more intensive effect when applied in higher concentrations. BABOR Fluids FP contain highly concentrated, natural active ingredients and produce convincing results that you can see and feel. The combination of sterile packaging and individual-sized ampoules also provides the purest form of skincare. As part of a facial treatment, the fluids ensure the desired results and form the ideal start to a week-long course of treatment at home.


Step 6: BABOR massage
5 steps to radiant beauty and perfect balance with the BABOR Effective Touch Massage. Each individual step sets specific processes into motion in the body and on the skin. Each step intelligently builds on its predecessor, ensuring the desired massage effect at the end of the 5 steps. The 5 steps of the massage are:
Contact - Willingness - Regeneration - Mobility - Flow!


Step 7: Mask
The penultimate step is another mask treatment, applied using the special BABOR compression technique. The skin is once again calmed and relaxed thanks to the special rolling technique and the stimulation of pressure points.


Step 8: The finish
BABOR treatments always end with a special finish; so that the achieved result lasts longer, and so that the treatment can come into its own visually.
The finish comprises an eye treatment, a care cream ideally suited to the skin type or skin condition in question, and a make-up application to suit the client.

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