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BABOR facials are skin treatments for the face that maintain and improve the quality of the skin. Whilst they have a variety of benefits for the skin on the face, there are also many health benefits as well. Our facials regulate the immune system, aid in detoxification, reduce the amount of fluid that has built up in the body, and can aid in stress relief. A feature of the massage used in each facial is lymphatic drainage which helps release toxins that have built up in the body.

 Benefits of facial massage

  • Massages during facials help with blood circulation and with lymphatic drainage; they also help in the relaxation of the facial muscles which can slow the onset of wrinkles in the face. Skin cells can also be renewed by using this technique, which can also reduce puffiness and sagging in the face.
  • Specific skin face problems can be helped with the right facial. When a person is struggling with blemishes, a dull complexion, or facing a superficial skin issue, regular facials can help fix these problems. Facials can give a person a clean and bright complexion, as well as remove dirt and blackheads. Often a face mask is applied to the skin to help tone and clarify the skin.

BABOR facials are available through a number of different professional outlets and you can be sure that the therapist has been trained in the unique BABOR method and can therefore expect to experience the following:

1. The treatment will fit your skin

Every BABOR trained professional spa or salon will present you with a questionnaire during check-in, which informs your aesthetician (properly trained skincare professional) about your medical conditions, current medications, and skincare regime.

Your answers wil be properly discussed to help her avoid using potentially irritating ingredients. The next step will be to scrutinise your cleansed complexion under bright lights and a magnifying glass; but don’t be upset if she notes that your skin is not perfect. Unless you're a child, your face skin is likely to have blackheads, uneven pigmentation and dehydration around the eyes.

 2. Your therapist will get the details right

 A good therapist recognises that every client has differing issues with their skin and thinks properly about the best solution. Whilst you might like the sound of a relaxing, rebalancing aroma facial, your therapist might diagnose that dehydrated skin around the mouth and eyes is a problem or that couperose is an issue. The facial solution will always be discussed and agreed AFTER a proper examination of the skin.

 3. You will get value great value for money

Feeling pressured can spoil even the most luxurious facial, so you will always know the type and price of your treatment long before you slide under the blanket. BABOR trained therapists will suggest various options to obtain the best results and be totally transparent about the cost. If your therapist suggests an upgrade during the facial, such as adding ampoules, then this will be made clear. BABOR prides itself on the fact that all of its facials use more millilitres of pure active ingredients than any other skincare house.

4. Your Skin will glow

 Feeling pampered is fantastic, but so is seeing better-looking skin at the end of your treatment. In fact, you should expect nothing less. It is no longer acceptable to simply ‘steam and cream'. BABOR therapists use products containing a higher level of active ingredients than ones you can buy on the High Street and many of the professional products applied during treatment will boost skin circulation and ensure that the fluids and creams applied penetrate as deep as possible.

5. Constant use day and night to continue the effect

Our body renews itself and changes in many ways. The first way is with our blood plasma, the liquid portion of our blood, which renews itself every 10 days. Our white blood cells renew themselves every 2 or 3 weeks, whilst our red blood cells typically renew themselves every 120 days. Our entire blood renews itself every 3 to 4 months. Even our skin renews itself every 28 days. Our entire body renews itself every 7 (women) or 8 years (men).......

So the key to great skin is to nourish and feed the skin throughout this 28 day cycle and make sure that the active concentrates, fluids and creams are used properly and consistently. Good homecare is to facials what good tooth brushing is to a visit to the dentist!

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