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SeaCreation treatment

Unique ingredients in the Sea-telligent Complex provide effective protection against skin aging.

SeaCreation Treatment
The SeaCreation treatment combines outstanding skincare products with select shells and unique, precious stone from the world's oceans to create an unforgettable, highly effective beauty experience. This specific treatment is for women and men who want to see dramatic improvements in their skin while indulging in a stress-relieving massage.
- Activates formation of fibroblasts and boosts collagen content in the tissue.
- Proven to reduce existing signs of aging, such as wrinkles, fine lines and loss of elasticity.
- Penetrates deep into the skin to optimise antioxidant processes in the skin; promotes all cell-regenerative functions.
- Delivers highly effective protection against premature skin.

Benefits of the range:
- Leaves skin looking smoother, firmer and more youthful.
- Tones the tissue and firms facial contours.
- Maintains the skin's natural beauty.
The combination of specially selected active ingredients in this exclusive treatment lends skin an incomparable smooth, firm and youthful appearance. The treatment bestows complete inner balance and a feeling of lightness while activating the body's energy systems for radiant beauty.

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SeaCreation - The secret of eternal youth.
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