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NEW! DOCTOR BABOR Repair Cellular

NEW! DOCTOR BABOR Repair Cellular

Dr. Michael Babor developed the first precision formulas for BABOR in 1956, long before the terms "cosmeceutical" or "Doctor brands" had been invented. He knew that precise, concentrated active ingredients provide highly intensive care for the skin.


To celebrate BABOR’s 60th birthday we’re offering skincare enthusiasts the opportunity to purchase a limited edition cleansing set which includes BABOR’s legendary best seller HY-ÖL and Phytoactive. The duo has been packaged in an elegant, white-and-gold metal box and the ribbon and the signet design are colour-coded to show which combination suits the particular skin type.

HSR lifting - the anti-wrinkle expert

HSR lifting - the anti-wrinkle expert

This year, BABOR is excited to relaunch our effective and ever so popular High Skin Refiner Range. Known for it's ability to create visible skincare results, HSR has and continues to be one of the best product ranges on the market. A new anti-wrinkle precision formula has been added to the products to ensue that HSR remains the best in anti-aging.

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