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In your lifetime you can expect to spend around 85,000 hours at work.

If you’ve ever had a job somewhere you didn’t like then you know that even one hour can feel like a long time. Just imagine another 84,999 like that…

At BABOR, we try to make work fun. We are a small team in the UK and there’s always a lot to get done, but we think that providing an open environment, where new and creative ideas are encouraged, means you’ll never find yourself counting down the minutes to going home!

We know we have the best products which deliver outstanding results – the challenge is bringing our approach to skincare to the UK. Building the business and spreading the word is all about people. In Germany the parent company is recognised for offering outstanding, friendly, human support. In the UK we have the same focus, and do our very best to create an inspirational culture that focuses on career development and individual growth.

BABOR UK is no longer a scrappy startup, fighting to survive – we have tens of thousands of loyal skincare users in 70 countries, with thousands of people cleansing and moisturising with BABOR every day. We are the second largest professional skincare in Europe to Clarins (i.e. not sold in department stores but only by therapists) which is quite an achievement given that we don’t trade in France and small in the UK – two key European markets.

We feel excited about the future and confident we have the skincare solutions to delight users in this quickly evolving and fast growing market – so why not come and join us?

Email your cv and cover letter to info@babor.co.uk

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