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The Green Agenda Dedicated to the beautiful: Products. People. Planet. Being an owner-managed company in its third generation, sustainability is truly a part of the corporate philosophy at BABOR. The Green Agenda features three main topics: CO2, packaging and ingredients.
You can find even more information about the BABOR Sustainability Initiative in the BABOR Sustainability Report. Read now
ByeBye CO2 The goal: not only to compensate for CO2, but to actively avoid it.The path: Production at BABOR headquarters in Aachen has been CO2 neutral since 2014 thanks to the use of green electricity, photovoltaics and climate-neutral eco natural gas. Since 2020, BABOR has had a climate-neutral corporate carbon footprint and product carbon footprint. In collaboration with ClimatePartner, BABOR has precisely calculated its CO2 footprint and compensates for all emissions that cannot yet be prevented by means of its own measures - both in terms of the emissions that the company and its employees produce and in terms of the company's products. In total, BABOR compensates for 8,050,770 kg of CO2 - this is equivalent to the CO2 emissions of 2300 long-haul flights from Düsseldorf to New York. BABOR is offsetting its CO2 emissions by funding a wind farm in the Philippines. At the same time, the company is supporting the globally active initiative Plastic Bank. In Haiti, Indonesia and the Philippines, people are collecting plastic from beaches and thereby improving their income. This plastic is recycled as social plastic, so new products are made from it. With every ton of CO2 that it offsets, BABOR simultaneously offsets 10 kg of plastic waste. Further information about BABOR's commitment with ClimatePartner can be found here.BABOR plans to focus even more on prevention rather than compensation in the future. In its new office building, BABOR is implementing sustainability technology and is saving 45 % energy by using geothermal energy, a gas-powered combined heat and power unit (CHP), special cooling ceilings and heat exchangers. The company's new production site, the BABOR BEAUTY CLUSTER, is to be largely energy self-sufficient. Mobility concepts and reforestation programs close to the company headquarters will support the company in its endeavors.
Green Packaging The goal: all BABOR packaging should be 80% recyclable and the use of plastic reduced by 30%.The path: BABOR already uses no plastic fillers in its packages and relies on FSC-certified paper whenever it is used. Packaging developers are currently designing the first packages from recycled materials, dispensing with cellophane wrapping of the products whenever possible and are rethinking the design of shipping cartons.
Clean Ingredients The goal: All formulations do not contain any microplastic particles or environmentally critical synthetic polymers. Only certified goods and alternatives are used for resource-critical raw materials.The path: All new formulations are developed free of microplastic and synthetic polymers. Wherever possible, existing formulations will be replaced with alternatives in the course of product relaunches by 2023. If necessary, polymers that preserve resources and that are environmentally friendly will be used instead. Only certified palm oil derivatives are used and their consumption is also reduced.
#baborlovesourplanet This ambitious project is supervised and coordinated by a cross-divisional Sustainability Board. It continuously scrutinizes processes and develops initiatives for even more sustainable work. This board was established in 2020. However, BABOR's sustainable philosophy has a tradition of more than 60 years: BABOR was founded in 1956 as "biomedical natural cosmetics". Respectful treatment of nature is therefore deeply embedded in BABOR's DNA. BABOR was one of the first companies ever to address issues such as wastewater treatment and waste separation. The finished cream has been delivered by a "green" postman for the past 14 years: Thanks to the cooperation with DHL, all deliveries are CO2-neutral. For shorter distances, employees use BABOR's own electric car. BABOR was the first company in Aachen to set up electric filling stations for employees at the company headquarters and supports the transition to e-mobility.