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Facial care for men

BABOR MEN offers everything a demanding man needs: uncomplicated, highly effective care products for maximum energy and perfection.

What makes our men's skincare line so special? Our performance upgrade. The new active ingredient concept, with its clean formulations and precise textures, addresses the special needs of men's skin even more precisely.
In focus: Vitalizing, strengthening & boosting resistance.
In order to bring men's skin into top form, we have created the CALMING and ENERGIZING lines.

CALMING, to soothe sensitive and irritated male skin after shaving.
ENERGIZING, to supply the skin with sufficient moisture for a healthy appearance.

The new BABOR MEN active ingredient concept

The TAUREC Complex, which is used in all BABOR Men products, provides the energy kick.

It consists of:

  • Siberian ginseng, which increases stress resistance
  • The pick-me-up taurine, which stimulates the cell membrane so that moisture is better absorbed
  • The Cell Boost Factor activates the skin cells and with it skin renewal with the power of proteins, the white lupin flower and green algae

It vitalizes the skin, gives it added strength and resilience and provides intensive moisture.

Need for Speed

The new BABOR ampoule especially for men's skin with TAUREC Complex and caffeine for an instant energy boost.

Instant Energy Ampoules
Content: 7 x 2ml
Price: 29.90 EUR

Discover now

Performance non stop

The ENERGIZING products are ideal for fatigued, sallow skin and feature activating ingredients such as silicon and caffeine for that extra portion of energy.

The ultra-light textures are quickly absorbed by the skin and do not shine after being applied, even on oily or combination skin.

In den Warenkorb
BABOR MENEnergizing Face & Eye GelEnergizing gel cream for face and eye area. £49.90* / 50 ml 100ml - £99.80
In den Warenkorb
BABOR MENEnergizing Hair & Body ShampooEnergizing shower gel for body and hair. £19.90* / 200 ml 100ml - £9.95

Soft shell – cool core

Even men's skin sometimes needs a little more intensive care. Shaving is especially stressful for the skin and makes it more vulnerable.

That is why CALMING products contain an extract of the magnolia bark, which noticeably soothes irritations, redness and razor burn and even improves the long-term sensitivity of the skin.

In den Warenkorb
BABOR MENCalming After Shave SerumRegenerating after-shave serum. £29.90* / 50 ml 100ml - £59.80
In den Warenkorb
BABOR MENCalming Face & Eye CreamStrengthening face cream for sensitive male skin and eye area. £49.90* / 50 ml 100ml - £99.80

Smells like confidence

Two masculine fragrances for everyday use with bergamot and musk in fresh combinations.

THE CLASSIC: MEN EDT VOL. 1 – Fresh. Woody. Fresh bergamot and lime notes merge with warm woody chords and a subtle vanilla and musk note.

CONFIDENCE IN A BOTTLE: MEN EDT VOL. 2 – Spicy. Woody. Masculine. The fragrance is characterized by bergamot and pink pepper in the top note. The warm, masculine fragrance radiates strength and self-confidence.

In den Warenkorb
BABOR MENEau de Toilette MEN VOL. 2Spicy. Woody. Masculine. £49.90* / 100 ml 100ml - £49.90
In den Warenkorb
BABOR MENEau de Toilette MEN VOL. 1Warm. Woody. Fresh. £49.90* / 100 ml 100ml - £49.90


The BABOR MEN range is entirely free of silicones, parabens, PEGs, mineral oils or colourants and contains up to 90% natural ingredients.