Little things that make you happy – with a big impact!

BABOR dipped three different ampoules in gold for the THE GOLD COLLECTION.

The set includes:

  • 3 x Hydra Plus
  • 2 x Beauty Rescue
  • 2 x 3D Firming

Contents: 7 x 2 ml (14 ml) | £29.90

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Carla Casanova


I think life comprises many stages. My first stage was the in the world of finance at an international corporation. But I’ve always been the artistic type. So I stepped onto a new stage: music. Who encouraged me? My mother. She is a lawyer – as a woman in a Central American country, that hasn’t always been easy. Her credo: You always have a choice. So I chose music.

Ruth Bambi

Model and Miss Germany candidate

My aunt taught me that nothing is impossible. She does what she loves, and that’s what I want to do. I am convinced that we are all at our most beautiful when we accept that each one of us is unique. That’s why I have auditioned to be the next Miss Germany.


Isabel Bonacker

co-owner of BABOR

I’m inspired by the women I meet: In the early years of my career, a colleague of mine convinced me that women can be successful in a male-dominated business. My aunt showed me that it’s possible to have both things: family and career. What these women have in common: determination, positive energy, and femininity.

Zeina Nasser


When I was 13, I just really wanted to box. I didn’t even think about whether I could or couldn’t do that. I figured I had a dream and so I would make it happen. But when I wanted to take part in a boxing competition for the first time in 2013, I wasn’t allowed to. Because I wear a headscarf. My trainer was working to change the competition rules at that time. From then on, all women were allowed to compete. At a time when everything should be possible, we want to make everything possible together.


Tanya Ernst

co-founder of THEY SAID, new media agency

I always knew that I wanted to work creatively and be independent. Whenever I have doubts, I think of my friend Lessia. I met her 12 years ago. At the time, she was a young girl from the country with big dreams. I’ve seen how she has worked hard, developed, and never lost her passion. Today she owns her own label, Lever Couture, and outfits stars like Rita Ora, Lady Gaga, and Katy Perry. Next stop: L.A. She always reminds me that with determination, you can make even the biggest dreams come true.

Christiane Lingner

Beauty professional and owner of three cosmetic institutes

As a young girl I wanted to become a doctor, but in the GDR I wasn’t allowed to. Of all people, it was a doctor who taught me just how similar high-performance cosmetics and dermatology are. When people tell me that they’re impressed with how straightforward I am, I have to smile. Because my plans were very different. Dreams are what you make of them.


Preeti Malkani

co-founder of Women for Women International in Germany

I consider myself an ambassador for change. I have seen for myself the impact that “sisterhood” has on women in regions affected by crisis and war, the difference it makes when we stick together as women. The women I met in Iraq and Rwanda,– their stories, their resilience – give me strength. Their strength infuses my strenth. That’s why I want to give them a voice. We need strong women – especially in these regions.