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BodyUV protectionUV protectionIn today’s age, adequate protection against the sun’s rays is more important than ever. Day creams with UV filters, sunscreen creams or sun blockers not only protect against premature aging but are also designed to reduce the risk of sunburn and skin cancer. The SPF listed on the product label shows the factor by which the skin’s natural protection time can be extended.
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DOCTOR BABORProtecting Balm SPF 50The lightweight Protecting Balm SPF 50 is quickly absorbed without becoming sticky. £34.00* / 50 ml 100ml - £68.00
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DOCTOR BABORBody Protection SPF 30Quickly absorbed, intensively moisturizing body lotion with SPF 30. £38.00* / 150 ml 100ml - £25.33
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DOCTOR BABORDe-Stress & Repair LotionIt cools, absorbs quickly and supports skin regeneration. £29.00* / 150 ml 100ml - £19.33