Stretch Marks

Stretch marks – When skin is overextended

Stretch marks on the bust, buttocks, thighs and tummy – As we see it, these body areas are often problematic enough as it is. The list of the parts of our body we are unhappy about -- too small, too big, too fat or too thin – is long. But we can do something about them!
Stretch marks – those shiny-looking scars on the skin – are caused by an overextension of the connective tissue. If you have weak connective tissue, you are more likely to get stretch marks than other people. New mothers find that after giving birth their skin is often visibly overstretched. But using the right products can help, as they promote the regeneration process, have an intensely moisturizing effect and in general help to firm the skin. A special cream for stretch marks can be used daily to improve skin elasticity. A cream that also helps to promote the skin’s natural protective barrier provides all-round care for the skin.