Face Spray Metropolitan Defense

Contents: 50 ml

Refreshing face spray with anti-pollution effect.

£24.90Basic price per 100ml: £49.80

suitable for vegans

The freshness kick for on the go and in-between. Ultrafine face spray with anti-pollution effect and regenerating formulation. Suitable for all skin types.

The skin appears visibly smoothed, the complexion is relaxed and full of radiance.

The CityProtect complex protects skin from harmful urban environmental influences, such as exhaust fumes*. EnergyBoost promotes skin regeneration and has a vitalizing effect on tired, sallow skin. The skin is intensively moisturized, wrinkles are reduced.
*in vitro study on active substance

Spray evenly onto the face from a distance of approx. 30 cm. The spray can be applied over the make-up. Use the spray as a supplement to your regular skincare routine. The freshness kick for on the go and in-between – at any time of the day

Note: When applying, keep eyes and mouth closed.