Babor Christmas Gift Bags


Babor Christmas Gift Bags

Contents: 3 pieces in the set

available, delivery time 2-3 days


TS Matte Finish 1
HY-L Phytoactive Base 5030 1
MINI VB Daily Moisturising cream 15ml 1
PX Mimical Control 1
Reversive cream mini 10ml 1
Amenities - Balancing Conditioner 30ml 1
Shaping lifting body cream mini 50ml 1
3-er Ampoule Beauty Effect INT 1
DOC Collagen Booster Cream 1
Spa Energising Body Sorbet1
3-er Ampoule effect SET 1
DOC A16 Booster Concentrate mini 10ml 1
Doc Hydro Cell Hyaluron Cr 15 ml 1
Sample Essential Care SEnsitive Cream 2ml 1
Sample TM Hy-Ol & Phytoactive Reactive 1
Sample ReVersive Cream 3ml 1
Doc Coll Booster CrR 15ml 1
TM EC Lipid Balancing Cream 1
GwP-Doc Starter Set -Lifting 1
Sample HSR Lifting Eye Cream 3ml 1
Sample PURE Purifying Anti-aging Lotion 2ml 1
Mini Collagen Booster Cream 15ml 1
Collegen Booster Cream 1
Sample INTENS Coupersoe Cream 2ml 1
Sample ReVersive Cream Rich 3ml /// mix and office 1
Sample SPA Shaping FBody Lot 1
Sample Energizing Body Sorbet 1
Sample CS Intense Calming Cream 2ml 1
TM EC Moisture Balancing Cream 1
Sample DOCTOR Purity Blemish Reducing Cream 2ml 1
Sample PURE Intense Purifying Cream 2ml 1
Sample AB Mimical Control Cream 2ml 1
Sample Mild Cleanser 2ml 1
Sample PURE Purifying Anti-aging Cream 2ml 1
Sample PURE Daily Purifying Cream 2ml 1
TM Skin Vitalizing Eye Cream 1
Sample CS Anti-stress Cream 2ml 1
Sample DOCTOR Whitening Cell. Cream 2ml 1
Amenities - Energizing Moisture (Body Lotion) 30ml 1
Sample Relaxing Body Scuffle 1
Enzyme Cleanser & Rose Essence 1
Babor Bag Beauty GWP - cotton 1

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