Cleansing Set Phytoactive Sensitive with a drinks bottle

Contents: 2 pieces in the set

A calming and de-stressing herbal extract for sensitive skin. Designed for use with HY-ÖL. Now available as a special-price set. Comes with a free gift.

Not available at the moment

What is the Cleansing Set Combination?
Phytoactive Sensitive is a calming and de-stressing herbal extract. Used in combination with HY-ÖL, which is applied as the first phase of BABOR’s bi-phase, deep-pore cleansing method, it removes all oil- and water-soluble impurities, and conditions the skin, even during cleansing. Skin becomes more permeable, enabling it to absorb any subsequently applied active ingredients better and faster. The Phytoactives also provide an aromachological fragrance experience to suit the individual skin type.