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Make-UpSensitivity & RednessSensitivity & RednessRed patches usually occur on sensitive skin and generally go hand-in-hand with irritations, itching and an unpleasant feeling of tightness. As a rule, products with an anti-redness effect strengthen the skin’s natural protective barrier. They not only reduce redness with long-lasting results but also minimize negative side-effects. The skin is then no longer so susceptible to external stressors and looks more even and relaxed.
Anti-redness: How to even out skin tone

Does your skin feel itchy and tingly, and does it respond sensitively to creams and make-up? Do annoying marks appear on your face, mainly in the T-zone, on your cheeks and especially on your chin and forehead? If so, you need professional cosmetics – whether skincare products or make-up. While over-sensitivity is not uncommon, facial redness is a problem for many people, especially women.
These annoying reddened areas can be optimally concealed with top-quality make-up that provides good coverage, and leaves skin looking more relaxed and even.
Camouflage creams, for example, contain green pigments, which are the perfect helpers and create a more even complexion. In addition, a heavily pigmented camouflage cream adheres reliably to the skin and can be blended in easily. Camouflage creams can be used to combat redness, red thread veins and port- wine stains as well as pigmentation marks and age spots (liver spots).