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CleansingSensitivity & RednessSensitivity & RednessRed patches usually occur on sensitive skin and generally go hand-in-hand with irritations, itching and an unpleasant feeling of tightness. As a rule, products with an anti-redness effect strengthen the skin’s natural protective barrier. They not only reduce redness with long-lasting results but also minimize negative side-effects. The skin is then no longer so susceptible to external stressors and looks more even and relaxed.
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CLEANSINGHY-ÖLA plant-based hydrophilic cleansing oil for the gentle bi-phase deep cleansing of the... £24.90* / 200 ml 100ml - £12.45
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CLEANSINGPhytoactive SensitiveA soothing and stress-relieving herb extract for use with HY-ÖL. £20.50* / 100 ml 100ml - £20.50
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DOCTOR BABORIntensive Calming CleanserA gentle cleanser for extremely dry, sensitive skin £30.00* / 150 ml 100ml - £20.00
Calming skincare to reduce redness

Do you suffer from redness, itching or tightness in the face? If so, a gentle cleanser for sensitive skin is the answer. This skin type needs special care that won’t cause additional irritation.
Normally the stratum corneum and the skin’s acid mantle ensure that external factors do not harm the skin – as long as these natural barriers are intact. But if they are damaged or impaired, the skin becomes imbalanced and irritated. What many people don’t know is that an increase in dry, flaky skin and fine lines and wrinkles is also a sign that our skin is sensitive and needs urgent support.
If skin feels tight, it is important not to cleanse with peels as these have a thinning effect on the stratum corneum thinner, making it easier for irritants to penetrate it. This may result in the skin suddenly becoming irritated by a moisturizing cream that we have tolerated well up to now. In this case, it’s best to revert to gentle cleansing methods. A mild oil and also a cleansing milk without fragrances are a good solution here. Amongst other things, their lipid-replenishing properties help to calm the skin and soothe tingling sensations and other typical symptoms.