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BodyLifting & FirmingLifting & FirmingFirmness and tightness are desirable attributes, especially when it comes to body care. Skincare products that provide these benefits remodel the silhouette and ensure firmer contours. Cellulite and stretch marks in the problem areas – thighs, hips, the stomach and buttocks – are reduced, giving the skin surface a smoother and more even appearance.
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DOCTOR BABORUltimate Forming Body CreamStretch mark removal cream £77.00* / 200 ml 100ml - £38.50
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BABOR MENMEN Travel SetSpecial size set for energized and strengthened male skin. £29.90* / 4 pieces in the set
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BABOR SPAVitamin ACE Body CreamRich body cream – 95% ingredients of natural origin. £46.90* / 200 ml 100ml - £23.45
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REVERSIVEReVersive pro youth body creamSilky soft body cream for youthfully radiant skin £69.00* / 200 ml 100ml - £34.50
Firming what needs firming: Skin tightening with the right products

A lifting effect for our skin – that’s something we definitely want! Cellulitis, or orange peel skin, is unattractive and it’s a problem that we women often struggle with. Cellulitis can occur when too many fat molecules are stored in the fat cells. The connective tissue above it is too weak to prevent enlarged cells from pushing up and protruding through it, causing visible dimpling of the skin.
But the good news is: you can fight cellulitis!
First of all, regular exercise and a healthy, balanced diet are always very beneficial, but special anti-cellulite cosmetics can help too. These support and firm the skin and thus help to tighten the connective tissue. Using a daily cream is a must, as it supplies the skin with moisture. Gently massaging a body lotion with an anti-aging effect into the skin can help it to look firmer, tighter and also smoother!