Ultimate Derma Optimizer - 1 50ml & 4 10ml

A high-performing 4-step system that provides a fast-acting answer to all anti-aging needs.

Contents: 90 ml
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BABOR DERMA CELLULAR Ultimate Derma Optimizer - 1 50ml & 4 10ml

A high-performing 4-step system that provides a fast-acting answer to all anti-aging needs.

Contents: 90 ml Item number: 463600

  • The regimen begins with the Ultimate Derma Optimizer Serum. The multi-functional serum provides immediate results when used in combination with one of the four innovative booster-concentrates.
  • Derma Optimizer Serum 50 ml
  • Specific Hydro Booster 10ml (Blue)
  • Specific Cell Protect Booster 10 ml (Red)
  • Specific Anti-Stress Booster 10 ml (Green)
  • Specific Anti-Wrinkle Booster 10 ml (Gold)
  • Result: The skin will reveal a radiant, smooth and youthfully fresh complexion.

A high-performing 4-step system that provides a fast-acting answer to all anti-aging needs. It utilises a multifunctional approach to preventing premature aging while revealing a smooth, illuminating youthful complexion. Specially formulated for mature complexions or women/men looking to give their skin a preventative anti-aging boost.



Unscrew the caps on the serum and the selected booster and mix one pipette length of each in the palm of your hand. Apply to the face, neck and décolleté, after cleansing, and leave on to take effect. Caution - only ever add one booster per serum. Do not apply the booster straight onto the skin.

Active Ingredients

  • Ultimate Derma Optimizer Serum -
  • This multifunctional basic serum contains AGICYL, a high-performance active ingredient obtained from plant-based stem-cell cultures that combats skin aging by activating theskin’s defence system. AGICYL thus reduces the pro-aging substances that make the skin age faster and promotes self-protection at a cellular level, thereby improving the skin’s ability to regenerate itself.
  • In addition, AGICYL has a detoxifying effect, as it activates certain protein complexes in the cytoplasm – the so-called proteasomes, which break down harmful substances. At the same time, the active ingredient boosts the activity of the enzyme sirtuin-1, which is responsible for prolonging cellular lifespan. As a result, cells remain intact for longer, chronological cell aging is slowed down and the skin retains its youthful radiance. And finally, there is the soft-focus effect. AGICYL acts like a filter, minimizing unevenness in the complexion, and adds radiance to the skin, leaving it looking years younger. Ultimate Derma Optimizer Serum is the expert solution for more smoothness, illumination, freshness, protection and regeneration.
  • The ultimate in anti-aging skincare - the four Specific Booster concentrates
  • Adding one of the highly concentrated boosters, which intensify and enhance the individual effects of Ultimate Derma Optimizer Serum, creates a synergistic effect.
  • Specific Hydro Booster – for more moisture and freshness.
  • Dry centrally heated air or long-haul flights, for example, can lead to a loss of moisture, which the skin cannot easily replace by itself. Intensively moisturising Specific Hydro Booster contains 35 percent HYDRACYL, a highly concentrated active ingredient HYDRACYL. This molecular moisturiser is a combination of the amino acids proline, alanine and serine, which are also components of the natural moisturizing factors (NMFs). The booster reduces dryness lines and improves rough areas of skin, with results you can see and feel, and gives the skin a fresh and more even appearance.
  • Specific Cell Protect Booster – a power-packed anti-oxidant and detoxifying serum
  • Our modern environment places a constant strain on our skin. Specific Cell Protect with 25 per cent OXIDOCYL, a highly effective active ingredient, tackles this ongoing emergency situation and provides added protection. OXIDOCYL is a combination of rosemary acid, rutin and a mineral complex of manganese, zinc and selenium. It activates the skin’s natural defense mechanisms against oxidative stress and neutralizes free radicals, and thus effectively protects all cellular areas and the skin against wrinkles and premature aging.
  • Specific Anti-Stress Booster – Chillout for the skin
  • During stressful times for body and soul, Specific Anti-Stress Booster restores balance to the skin. Containing 10 percent SENSOCYL, an innovative active complex, it instantly calms the skin, reducing redness and tight feelings.SENSOCYL is a combination of anti-inflammatory beta-sitosterol, which is a component of plant membrane, and stearidonic acid, which is found in certain plant oils and is also used in pharmaceuticals. In addition, SENSOSYL contains gamma-linolenic acid, which strengthens the hydro-lipid film, the skin’s natural protective barrier. The booster thus reduces redness and tight feelings, with results you can see and feel, and conditions the skin, enhancing its resistance to external influences in the long term.
  • Specific Anti-Wrinkle Booster – Liquid lifting
  • BABOR has developed Specific Anti-Wrinkle Booster for those moments when you want your complexion to look particularly radiant and beautiful. The booster contains 10 percent EPOCYL, a highly effective active ingredient that instantly reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. EPOCYL is a marine exopolysaccharide with a special surface structure. It forms a film over the skin, thereby reducing the depth of lines and uneven patches. The effect is visible in just 15 minutes. At the same time, the active ingredient contracts the collagen network, significantly firming the skin and immediately giving it a smoother and more youthful appearance.
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