The unique bi-phase cleansing method.


An effective cleansing ritual using products from the BABOR Cleansing CP line is the key to beautiful skin. Deep-action, bi-phase cleansing with HY-ÖL and the appropriate PHYTOACTIVE to suit the individual skin type forms the basis of BABOR facial cleansing. The Cleansing CP line also includes many other cleansing products, which have all been designed to cleanse very thoroughly and intensively, while maintaining the skin’s natural protective acid mantle.

Silic Cleansing Brush Set INT

Silic Cleansing Brush Set INT

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  • 3 pieces in the set |
HY-ÖL&Phy.Base 2017 small size

HY-ÖL&Phy.Base 2017 small size

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  • 2 pieces in the set |