Contents: 14 ml

Get your perfect glow! Give your skin the vitamin complex of vitamin A, E, provitamin B5 and biotin thanks to the ampoule treatment.

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Get the vitalizing power for a fortified skin barrier and give your skin a refined touch with Glow Pigments – for a more radiant skin with youthful Glow!

The vitamin shot supports the functions of the skin barrier and makes the skin soft and supple. Combined with the Glow ampoule, the ampoule treatment creates a youthful glow and balances out any irregularities in the complexion. The skin appears in an entirely new splendor!

Thanks to the vitamin complex of vitamin A, E, provitamin B5 and biotin, the skin receives vitamins and the protective barrier is supported. Perfection Peptide P3 supports natural regeneration of the skin when used regularly.

After cleansing with BABOR CLEANSING products. Shake the ampoule and cover the ampoule neck with a tissue or the enclosed ampoule opener. Hold the ampoule by the ampoule neck or opener and break it open with a sudden jerking movement on the lower, colored ring. Pour concentrate into the palm of your hand and work into face, neck and décolleté. Gently pat into the skin. Then apply skincare cream.