Nail Colour 01 porcelain
  • Nail Colour 01 porcelain
  • Nail Colour 01 porcelain


Nail Colour 01 porcelain

Contents: 7 ml

Painted nails are the most beautiful accessory.

£12.50Basic price per 100ml: £178.57

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A brilliant, long-lasting nail polish. Available in 4 shades.


Applied to the fingernails or toenails, it ensures long-lasting results and prevents against chips, scratches and streaks.


The special high-tech formula combines a brilliant gloss finish with fast drying times and durability. The flat, wide brush enables fast, simple and particularly even application. Does not contain toluene or formaldehyde.


Using the brush, apply evenly to the nails. For best results, apply a base coat such as BABOR Smart All in One Polish, two thin coats of Nail Colour and a top coat, e.g. BABOR Smart All in One Polish.

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