Luminous Skin Concealer 02 natural
  • Luminous Skin Concealer 02 natural
  • Luminous Skin Concealer 02 natural


Luminous Skin Concealer 02 natural

Contents: 4 ml

From the shadows into light!

£23.50Basic price per 100ml: £587.50

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An illuminating concealer with an instant lifting action and a long-lasting anti-aging effect. Provides high coverage and imparts a youthful glow. Available in 3 shades.


Luminous Skin Concealer lightens the area around the eyes and conceals imperfections. It also enables you to contour your face and create a natural. The concealer can be applied quickly and precisely, thanks to the applicator brush.


Luminous Skin Concealer banishes dark shadows around the eyes, under-eye rings and other imperfections without collecting in fine lines and wrinkles. The instant optical lifting effect and natural glow give the eyes a younger and fresher appearance. And it is long lasting!


With the aid of the twisting mechanism, saturate the brush with the product and apply to the face. With your fingertips, carefully blend the transitions.

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