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BRAND NEW: CLEANSING The first step to beautiful, radiant skin Never before have our cleansing products been so effective and gentle on the skin. Whether you’re carrying out your evening beauty ritual or need a boost of freshness to start your day off right, prepping your skin is key! Discover our newly interpreted skin cleansing products! More about the new cleansing range
3D hyaluron power already during cleansing For smoother looking skin thanks to plumping power – after just one application.
More about the Hyaluronic Cleansing Balm
The Power Cleansing Duo The premium bi-phase cleansing oil. Especially gentle on the skin & effective.
More about HY-ÖL & Phytoactive Duo
Our 2-in-1 bestseller: Refining peeling effect + vitamin C power for a radiant, even looking complexion.
More about the Refining Enzyme & Vitamin C Cleanser
EVEN MORE EFFECTIVE. EVEN MORE SUSTAINABLE. With vegan formulations, our BABOR Cleansing line highlights our focus on sustainability and environmental responsibility:
• All products are vegan and consist of 99.7% ingredients of natural origin
• No added colors
• Numerous waterproof formulations
• PH-neutral: Protects the skin’s natural barrier
• Mild, microbiome-friendly formulations for clean skin down to the pores
Rosy fresh complexion Astringent alcohol-free toner for all skin types.
More about the Soothing Rose Toner
2-in-1 cleansing gel and facial toner The oil-free, clarifying cleansing gel and balancing facial toner for oily, blemished skin.
More about the Gel & Tonic Cleanser
A new type of facial cleansing Even more sustainable – in the reusable metal box.
More about the Natural Cleansing Bar
LET US ADVISE YOU Find a cleansing routine that is perfectly tailored to your skin type and get expert advice.
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