Triple Pro-Retinol activeFrom 90 GBP purchase value we give you our Retinol Cream (15ml) for free.About BABORProduct advisor
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DOCTOR BABOR MINI SIZE GIFT RETINOL CREME FOR FREE We give you an improved skin structure thanks to our DOCTOR BABOR novelty! You will receive the mini size (15ml) of our new retinol cream worth 40 GBP.* *Retinol Cream in 15ml. Valid from 90 GBP purchase value. Valid during the promotional period from 25.09.2023 to 08.10.2023. Only while stock last.
Brand new: Retinol skincare TRIPLE-ACTION RETINOL Nourish your skin with DOCTOR BABOR’s new retinol skincare products for beautiful, refreshed skin with a smoother, more even appearance. Learn more
MY SKIN, MY STORY What’s yours? We live in a world obsessed with perfectionism. Our skin – the largest organ we have – does not always perfectly align with this obsession. But that is precisely why it makes us so unique and reveals so much about us. Learn more
HighlightsIn den WarenkorbCLEANSINGHyaluronic Cleansing Balm & Rose Toner SetLimited edition cleansing set for smoother, glowing skin £32.90* / 2 pieces in the set In den WarenkorbAMPOULE CONCENTRATESadvent calender24 perfectly coordinated active ingredient concentrates behind each door £79.90* / 48 ml 1000ml - £1,664.58In den WarenkorbSKINOVAGESkin Protect Lipid CreamProtective and moisturizing rich face cream, specially formulated for skincare in the... £49.90* / 50 ml 1000ml - £998.00In den WarenkorbMake upCollagen Deluxe Foundation 02Rich foundation with ampoule power. £49.90* / 30 ml 1000ml - £1,663.33
Intense Hydration Routine SetLimited set for intensive miniaturization and a fresh complexion.
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Our recommendations for youIn den WarenkorbSKINOVAGEArgan CreamRich 24h intensive skincare with argan oil £67.90* / 50 ml 1000ml - £1,358.00In den WarenkorbCLEANSINGHY-ÖL Cleanser & Phyto HY-ÖL Booster ReactivatingCleansing set with the award-winning bi-phase cleansing of HY-ÖL Cleanser and... £51.90* / 2 pieces in the set In den WarenkorbAMPOULE CONCENTRATESLift ExpressAmpoule Serum Concentrate with anti-wrinkle power for instantly smoother looking... £39.90* / 14 ml 1000ml - £2,850.00In den WarenkorbSKINOVAGECalming Cream richEspecially rich and intense care for sensitive skin. £69.90* / 50 ml 1000ml - £1,398.00In den WarenkorbDOCTOR BABORTrip Pro-Retinol Renewal Eye PatchesA unique eye zone patch with a triple pro-retinol complex. £49.90* / 5 pieces In den WarenkorbSKINOVAGEVitalizing CreamFace cream to revitalize tired and dull skin. £67.90* / 50 ml 1000ml - £1,358.00
Individual product advisorEvery skin is different and changes over time.That is why is essential to tailor individual care prefectly to your needs.
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